Worker on rig

Client example

Mark is a typical example of a FIFO Management client. Below is a snapshot of his journey. 


Stuck in the mines and going nowhere!

After finishing his trade, Mark like many others headed for the mines in Blackwater with a plan to make good money for two or three years, then get out. Seven years later, Mark found himself in his late 20's and still working in Blackwater and despite having earned great money he had accumulated debts, but no savings and very little assets.

Like so many FIFO's, Mark had spent most of his money enjoying R&R. A Landcruiser, a boat, lavish holidays with his partner and free spending left him in a situation where he had to stay in the mines to pay off his debts and even once he did, he still wouldn't have a property or any long term asset that would benefit his future.

Mark was depressed about his financial circumstances and even more about the prospect of seemingly never ending years in the mines. That was until a friend told him about FIFO Management and from that point his life began to change.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

The first time that Mark spoke to Megan, he felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. Suddenly he realised that so many others had been in his exact same situation and been guided to a bright financial future where they could leave the FIFO life forever if they wished. There were real solutions to his problems and Mark was committed to following them.

He made some hard decisions, knuckled down and changed his spending habits, consolidated his debts, followed his FIFO Management budget and tracked his progress in his monthly reports. Within seven months Mark was debt free. That was step one. Now the shackles were off, Mark wanted to leave the mines with a financial cushion for the future. He purchased a property on the coast and rented it out with the view of living in it mortgage free within three years. He and his partner rented a nice apartment in Yeppoon to live in for three years while they worked towards their future dream. Two years and ten months later Mark quit the mines and moved into his house with his partner mortgage free.

With the help of FIFO Management, Mark turned his financial world around and harnessed the rewards of his hard work.