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Whether it’s debt consolidation bad credit, mortgage refinancing or loan application assistance, FIFO Management will help you take control of your loans, and live your life debt free and stress free.

Financial freedom never tasted so sweet! Contact our team of professionals about our loan and debt management services.

Loan and debt management services

With game-changing insights from our experts and full control over your money, you will be able to reduce your debts quickly and affordably. Here are some of the loan and debt management services we can help you with.

Home loans

Do you want to buy your first home, new home or investment property, but find the process confusing?

We know your finances better than anyone, so we can help you complete all the home loan paperwork and guide you every step of the way. If you’re a first home buyer, we will advise you on available schemes and incentives to make your dream a reality faster.

debt consolidation bad credit

Debt consolidation

Do you look at your bank statement and wonder why the amount owing doesn’t seem to move?

We will examine all your loans, credit cards and hire purchase schemes to see how we can do better. Perhaps your interest rate is too high, so your repayments only pay for the interest. The best option might be to pull every debt into one lower interest loan with one regular repayment. No matter your situation, we will find the right solution for you.

Mortgage refinancing

Are your friends on a lower home loan rate or using their equity to achieve other life goals? Is your bank’s rate too high?

If your mortgage isn’t working for you, we can see what else is available. We work with a large panel of lenders with a variety of loans, so we will find one with more suitable terms that will save you time and money, and eliminate your home loan stress.

Vehicle loans

Are you ready to buy your first car? Do you need a second car for your growing family?

We will assist you with the paperwork involved in buying your new or second car, and guide you through every step of the purchase. Through our panel of lenders, we can get you a highly competitive rate and even offer a free car-sourcing and buying service. They will do the hard yards and get you the best deal on your car of choice.

Personal Loans

Do you need extra funds for a holiday, medical expenses, renovations or a household item? Confused about which lender to choose?

Whatever your life goals, a personal loan could help you achieve them faster. With many lenders offering low rates, and low or no upfront fees or ongoing fees, you may be unsure which loan to choose. We will help you get the best loan for your needs, including secured and unsecured loans.

Construction loans

Are you excited to build your dream home, but put off by loan terms like progressive drawdowns, progress payments and progressive payment schedules?

The process of getting a construction loan can be complex with potential pitfalls. No two construction loans are the same. We will guide you every step of the journey and answer all your questions to get you the right loan, so you can start building your dream home.

Business Loans

Are you taking the leap to start your own business? Do you need help to buy inventory, pay overheads or increase your cashflow?

Business finance can be stressful, and it’s essential to get the right loan for your business. We will find out what types of loans you’re eligible for and how much you can borrow, and then guide you through the process.

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Our carefully assembled supplier panel comprises more than 30 residential and commercial lenders, including major banks, regional banks, building societies and mortgage originators. We also have relationships with insurance providers, property services and other reputable service providers.

We review this panel regularly so we can continue to meet our clients’ needs in today’s competitive mortgage broker market.


Megan Jane Grant (ABN 36 159 007 139 / Credit Representative Number 529505) is a Credit Representative of National Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd (ABN 88 093 874 376 / Australian Credit Licence 391209).

Megan Jane Grant has access to a panel of lenders through National Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Liberty Financial Pty Ltd (ACN 077 248 983 / Australian Credit Licence 286596).

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