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Budgeting Services

Reach your financial goals with our personalised budgeting services

At FIFO Management, our team of finance professionals can create tailored solutions to help you maximise your income, manage your day-to-day expenses and reach all your financial goals quickly and affordably.

On-time bill payments

Less wasted funds

Collaborative consultations

Regular progress reports

Financial goal monitoring

More time to live your life

A brief overview of the steps you would encounter
with FIFO Management are as follows:
budgeting services

When you contact us via our website, we will get in touch to schedule a no-obligation chat about your needs.

Step 1: FIFO Management will help you get your finances in order

Megan Grant, Managing Director of FIFO, will call you to chat about your needs and financial situation.

She will then advise how we can assist, answer all your questions and offer you a free budget planner session.

During that session, Megan will record all the income and expenses that come into your household to create a budget planner for you. Whether or not you decide to work with us, this detail about your finances will be invaluable to you!

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We provide a free budget planner with ideas for how we would manage your finances and goals.

Step 2: Streamline your finances and take control of your income

We will present you with your free budget planner and our ideas for managing your income and expenses, and current debts. We will also advise how we can help you achieve the bigger financial goals you’re striving for.

Finally, we will decide if we’re a good fit for each other. If we are and you’re happy with our recommendations for managing your finances, we will sign the service agreement and set a start date.

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We guide you through the simple process of getting you set up in our system.

Step 3: Minimize disruption and get started quickly

We have developed a simple, streamlined implementation process with ongoing communication to get you set up quickly – with only minimal disruption to you!

We will ensure you’re set up well before your start date so we can hit the ground running when the time comes. This includes depositing your wages and any other income we will manage into your FIFO Trust Account.

Then we’ll be ready to start managing your budget as per your budget planner.

We start paying your bills and allocate you enough spending money for personal expenses.

Step 4: Stay in control of your finances with our FIFO budgeting solution

We will allocate the funds in your FIFO Trust Account to the various sections of your budget, such as emergency savings, goal savings, clothes, personal care, school expenses, holidays, etc. You will be allocated money for personal spending on items such as food and fuel. 

We will continually update your budget when your income or expenses change. We always work with a live budget, so you can always see the status of your finances in real time.

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You can always get fast access to your funds when something unexpected arises.

Step 5: A risk-free, flexible and stress-free way to access your funds

You might want to access your funds if an unexpected expense arises or you want to use some savings for a purchase.

Just submit a request to us and we will release the funds in one of our daily transfer runs: 9:30am, 12:30pm and 3:00pm, Monday to Friday.

There’s no waiting in long phone queues or wondering when you will get a response. You will receive an email notification when the funds are released to your personal bank account.

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You can set your bills to come to us directly or forward your bills to us when they arrive.

Step 6: We make it easy to budget and pay your bills on time

When we receive your bills, we will update your budget with any changes in the biller amount and pay the bill before the due date from your FIFO Trust Account.

You will receive a notification each time we perform an outgoing action on your behalf, such as a bill payment.

We keep all your bills and financial affairs in our filing system so you don’t have to stress about filing. We’ve got you covered!

Have Any Questions?

The FAQ page is a great resource for learning about the different aspects of financial management. You will learn about the services offered by FIFO Management, the process of managing your finances, and the benefits of using our services. You will also find answers to common questions about our company, our services, and our process. If you have any further questions, our FAQ page is a great resource for finding answers.