Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Everything you need to know about our services

At FIFO (Finances In and Finances Out) Management, we provide personal budget management to help clients better manage their money and achieve their financial goals. With our talented team of financial experts and state-of-the-art budgeting software, you can eliminate the stress and time of managing day-to-day finances, stay on track with your income and expenses, and reach any goal you choose.

Our personal financial management system works for anyone who wants external help to manage their funds better and obtain financial stability, clarity and peace of mind.

We can assist many types of people who get a regular income from employment, including singles, double-income couples with or without children, single parents, early retirees and grey nomads. Our clients work in a range of industries and occupations, including mining, construction, oil rigs, information technology, shipping, aviation, army, mechanics, business, trades, hospitality, electrical, cleaning, management, retail…and more!


At FIFO Management, we help clients reach their financial goals through personalised budget management.

  1. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, and financial and personal goals.
  2. We analyse your current financial situation and obligations to create a comprehensive and customised budget planner for you.
  3. We administer every payment on your behalf, and complete all the tasks and activities needed under your budget planner.
  4. We provide regular reports so you always know where you stand financially.

As personal budgets are always changing due to unexpected bills, changes in income, etc., keeping your budget up to date is our highest priority.

As well as managing your budget day to day, we can help you gain full control of your loans, and live debt free and stress free.

Our fees are straightforward and transparent with no lock-in contracts. There are no upfront costs, as we don’t start charging you until your wage is first processed. Here is our fee schedule:

  1. Initial consultation – free of charge. This meeting allows both of us to fully understand your financial situation, and develop an initial plan and ideas for how to best work on your personal finances. Includes a complimentary budget planner.
  2. Establishment fee – $874.50 paid off over 12 months as part of your budget.
  3. Weekly fee – $64.90 per person/income we manage (i.e. $64.90 for singles; $129.80 for couples). This fee covers the services outlined in our FIFO Service Agreement.

You can get started by calling 1300 984 795 or by booking a free consultation here.

Additional FAQs

Answers to the most common questions our clients ask

Yes, you will always be able to access your money. Just submit a request and we will release your funds via a fast bank transfer.

Having a personal budget manager gives you a sense of control and personal empowerment and allows you to only spend the funds that’s allocated to committed expenses. Our system allows you to think carefully before buying things that you don’t need.

When a bill arrives, you will feel great knowing the funds are available. We will help you stop living week to week and make the best decisions for your financial future.

At FIFO, we have designed our own wealth manager software, including reporting and automated communications to keep you informed. When an outgoing transaction occurs in your account, you will get an email notification.

Each week, you will receive an activity report showing your finances in and finances out for the week. You will see where every cent of your money is going, including:

  • the balance of your holding accounts
  • any bills due to be paid over the coming week
  • any inflation or deflation on your income or expenses
  • how you are tracking towards your finance goals

In our initial consultation, we will ask questions to determine every financial obligation that comes up in your life. This could include school fees, pets, medical expenses, vehicle expenses, beauty treatments, utility bills and holidays – just to name a few. We will manage all these expenses for you.

When it comes to everyday necessities – such as fuel, groceries, takeaway food and fun money – we will allocate these funds to you and you can manage your spending on these items. It’s our job to manage the rest of your budget.

When we start working together, we will tailor your expenses to reflect your income. This ensures you don’t live week to week and always have back-up funds to cover these unexpected events.

If you have only just started with us and don’t have back-up funds yet, we will juggle your budget to make sure you can cover it. But the overall goal is to establish savings as quickly as possible to break the cycle.