“Megan & the team at FIFO Management have been amazing to deal with over many years. Great people who really know their stuff & genuinely care. Very highly recommended. “


Web Developer | Sunshine Coast

“I was lost in a world of financial stress and worry, flat out like a centipede skipping trying to make ends meet, until I discovered life with FIFO over 5 years ago. Getting onboard with the FIFO way and sticking with it, particularly their personalised budgeting services, has and continues to be the wisest and most personally rewarding decision I’ve ever made. Thank you, Megan and FIFO, you guys are GOLD!”


Business Owner, Gold Coast

“I’ve been with Megan for 2 years and in that short amount of time we’ve achieved so much! I am so thankful to Megan for how she’s helped me financially and really get a head start. Her business is amazing and has literally changed my life and sometimes saved it! I’d recommend her to EVERYONE.”


Mum and Office Admin | Brisbane

“My husband and I both agree it was the best thing we ever did coming and meeting with Megan to help sort our finances out. We never talk about money anymore so if you want a stress free life Megan is your gal! We highly recommend her and her team “


Make up Artist | North Brisbane

“I have my son with FIFO Management as well as nephews in laws and a brother and sister. Megan is a magnificent kind caring human and I would highly recommend her services.”


Sea Farer, North Queensland

“FIFO management is such a great idea if you are struggling week to week. I met Megan about 8 years ago when I was not in a good place, struggled making it week to week, fast forward 8 years I now run a great successful business, have bought a house and am on top of all my finances. Without Megan’s help I would not be where I am today. She really is much more than sorting out finances she is a mentor for Me, she can lift you up and put you on an even playing field. Never once does she make you feel hopeless, she has so much faith in her clients, this is what I believe makes FIFO worth every bit you definitely get a bang for your buck. Highly recommend and I have over the time sent friends to FIFO and they have had their own success. You really can’t afford not to have FIFO management. “


Concreting Business Owner, Brisbane

“Megan was fantastic from our initial meeting, very helpful and genuine. FIFO not only help they care about your future and financial growth. Thanks a MILLION Megan.”


Business Owner, Burpengary

“Your services give me peace of mind personally, emotionally and professionally. To have this I must have complete trust and faith. I suffer from OCD and can also be very indecisive so having trust can be difficult but as a client I have complete faith and trust in all you guys do for me. I know you always have my best interests at heart and feel confident to work away knowing you are taking care of things. I can’t actually say this about any other service provider I have. FM services are life changing. My life has been enriched and enhanced not only in a financial respect but who I am as a person. I feel a lot more confident and empowered by living within my means. It is such a good feeling not having to worry and stress on my finances as I know FM has them in good order and I am very caring and hugely capable hands. Thanks heaps, I am so blessed to have been referred to you guys. “

T Leo

PA, Gold Coast

“Just wanted to write and let you know how glad we were to get a recommendation for your service from our daughter, seeing what you were able to achieve for her on a minimal wage was amazing to say the least. We were nervous to start out with but in months you had us in a position to buy property, which on our own we wouldn’t have achieved in years. Now, as you well know, the word has spread and we have family reaping the benefits of your service, all of whom are as happy as we are. We are impressed with your professionalism and passion for helping people get on track financially, we will continue to recommend your service to others. Thank you.”

Sue L

Gold Coast

“Been with Megan for 6.5 years. I just have to say ‘AWESOME’!”


Builder, Western Australia

“I would just like to take the time to thank FIFO Management for all the wonderful things they have helped me to achieve, not only do I have funds every day, but I have funds for emergencies if needed. I have funds to cover unexpected expenses, I have savings too which I never had before. I have gained confidence from my experience and as a result I can manage my accounts and funds. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and effort put in by FIFO and their staff. I have had an amazing experience and would recommend to anyone who needs that little bit of help to stop being broke in between pay days. Thank you FIFO.”


Chef, Brisbane

“FIFO Management has been a huge assistance in my life. Managing my money was never one of my strengths, but thanks to FIFO I have been able to put my hard work and finances to better use. FIFO’s hard work, passion and persistence has helped me to achieve results I never thought possible in a short amount of time. I now have a nice car and I am a property owner. These things have been accomplished in a very short time. FIFO has also taken the pressure off doing my bills and other financial things. This has given me time to focus on things that are more important. My time with FIFO has been extremely liberating and has dramatically improved the quality of my life without a doubt. I recommend FIFO because I’m experiencing first hand the huge benefits of financial assistance and would like others to experience the joy of seeing goals and dreams become reality. Thank you.”


Business Owner, Queensland

“I signed up in early 2013 after struggling with money, living pay to pay, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it came to bills. Signing up with FIFO Management was the best choice I have ever made, it showed me that you can do so much more with your money than just work to pay bills. Without the help of FIFO I don’t know where I’d be financially today. FIFO is also there for you on a personal level, Megan is not only a great, accountable money manager but I have the pleasure of being able to call her a friend. Megan was always there to help and lean on through many life experiences. I recommend FIFO 110% to anyone who needs financial support and who also wants more personal service rather than being just ‘another customer’ in a big organisation that doesn’t care for you personally like Megan and her team at FIFO does.”


Child Carer, Brisbane

“I discovered life with FIFO Management in December 2016 and I haven’t looked back! Two years prior I had separated from my partner and decided to buy out his share of the home we had shared together. For a while I thought I was doing fine on my own; I was earning good money; paying the mortgage and the car, keeping up the bills – albeit paying some of them late incurring additional charges after the due dates, paying the credit cards…then spending what I had paid off, and pretty much living day to day on the financial front. All good right? Wrong! Managing, or should I say ‘mismanaging’ my money, and robbing Peter to pay Paul finally caught up with me. The stress and pressure took a big toll on my health which led to time off work. I could no longer cope with the financial predicament I had got myself into. It was then a friend told me about Megan at FIFO and how they turned his life and finances around. At the time I thought, what the…I don’t need anyone to manage my money…and the thought of discussing my finances with someone I didn’t know was daunting and uncomfortable. Truth was, I was embarrassed at the situation I had got myself into; 45 years old; a big beautiful home; living well beyond my means, working my rear end off, skimping to make ends meet and getting nowhere. The façade had crumbled. So I called Megan, and my financial unrest is history. Megan was amazing during our initial phone call and meeting; she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful explaining along the way, she listened and consoled without judgement, and talked me through my objectives and goals. I felt completely at ease when I handed over my financial affairs to FIFO. Within 2 days FIFO analysed my situation and delivered me a new lease on life with a personalised weekly budget and money management plan. Now, my bills are paid on time, the credit cards are paid off and gone, my taxes are up to date, I own my car and I am debt free. FIFO look after all my mail; no more avoiding the mailbox or inbox when the bills are due for me. I have savings and a nest egg and a much healthier work/life balance. This would not have been possible without the help, personal support, guidance and service I receive from FIFO. I cannot imagine my life without them.”

Miss G

HR Consultant, North Brisbane

“Fifo has been awesome for me! For many years now I have been a client of FIFO Management. I have been able to budget effectively, buy a car, have enough for a deposit on a home and pursue my own personal interest to the full because Fifo Management has been there every step of the way, helping me get the most out of my funds, keeping me on track so I can live life and that in my opinion is what earning money is all about, providing for and living your life better. Not living in constant stress, that your money is not being put to good use. If you struggle to manage money, you work away and are to busy, or you already do really well for yourself and want to do better, then I strongly recommend fifo! “



“Amazed at how much money we’ve saved in just 4 months. when you’re working away the last thing you want is to be chained to your job. FIFO Management helped us really understand our money and whats possible when you actually put it in the right places. Also theres no more “you bought that so im buying this” everything is agreed upon and you get to decide long term whats important to you and your partner and stick to the plan without arguing. Highly recommend this service!!!! “


Miner, Gold Coast

“Where would I have been without FIFO? My life was completely turned around by Megan and her amazing team! The advice, management and understanding went above and beyond anything I could have wished for. FIFO has helped so much – thank you! “


Hospitality, Bribie Island

“Being with FIFO has been the greatest gift financially for our family. It has relieved so much pressure off our shoulders and has given our family much needed peace after many years of struggling with balancing finances. I would highly recommend FIFO Management to anyone I can. They are always very professional and very easy to deal with. Megan and her staff do an amazing job looking after us and are genuinely interested in our goals and future plans. I am a very busy Mother so taking this stress off me has enabled more focus onto my children. It has provided stability for our whole family. Will stay a very happy client for years to come.”


Busy Mum, Business Owner, North Brisbane

“I have been with Megan for coming up 10 years she has changed my life…she is like family and i couldnt live without her…thank you Megan for all you have done and continue to do for me.”


Bosun, Everywhere

“These guys take on all those ‘have to be done’ tasks like paying the bills and renewing insurances etc. makes life so much easier! And in doing so set up a budget which means $ in the bank. Make the most of your earnings!”


Investor, Beachmere

“We have been with FIFO for many years now, and have loved the reliable service and security they have provided.”


Hospitality, Victoria

“I’m a self-confessed control freak. To give control of my financials to someone else was one of the hardest things I have ever done, it turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. Before FIFO Management we lived from week to week and wasted a lot of money. In 6 months FIFO has taken us from renting to owning our own home. As I work a FIFO job not having to worry about the week to week bills is awesome. Everything is covered, there are no nasty surprise bills coming in and we have savings for the first time in a long time. FIFO goes above and beyond in service and attention to detail. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! Thanks Megan.”


Bosun, Gold Coast

“We have been with FIFO Management for 5 years. It has made our lives easier. FIFO is always there for us and promptly replies to our queries or general questions. Our bills are always paid and we’ve almost paid off two cars. FIFO organises our money so we never have to worry about a thing. We save every week and have security. Recently my husband hurt his back and because FIFO has managed our money so well, we just haven’t had to worry which helped my husband get better without stress. FIFO keeps us informed every week with detailed emails and information to keep us aware of exactly where our money goes. We wouldn’t consider not being with FIFO… thank you”

Lan and Lea

Farmers, Victoria

“Hi Megan, I just want to say thank you for all your help and support. I would not have half the things I have without you. You are an amazing person and I appreciate you a lot.”


Seafarer, Newcastle

“Having help on managing my finances has helped me to reach my goals. I don’t even have to do anything! It is all done for me. My bills are paid on time and I am never behind on payments with other financial commitments. I’m finally saving money. I get my weekly spending money and the rest is taken care of. Positively the best decision I have personally and financially made.”


Office Manager, Sunshine Coast

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for everything you have done for me over the years of having you!!! You have helped me out so much it’s unbelievable and I can’t thank you enough!!! 🙂 You’re amazing at what you do.”


Retail Manager, North Lakes

“My husband and I have been with FIFO Management for approximately 6 months now. Since that day I’ve felt so much relief due to the financial burden lifting off my shoulders. With a busy lifestyle, work, family and managing day to day activities it was easy for us to fall back on bills. The more we struggled the harder it got and we would find ourselves living on a week to week budget. With FIFO, we saw a dramatic change in our financial situation. We have been very happy with the support Megan and FIFO have provided us. My husband and I have just returned from our overseas holiday and plan to set off again in the New Year! Thanks to Megan these things are possible! If you need a little support to get yourself on track again… try FIFO Management, we did! Thanks Megan.”

Rob and Dave

Busy Couple, Kallangur

“Megan, I would like to thank you for your support over the past 12 months. Your friendship and financial help has made my life run so much smoother. Joining you has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am very lucky to have you as a friend and money manager. Thanks again.”


Factory Manager, Sunshine Coast

“Our time with FIFO Management has been invaluable. The constant theme of “it’s not what you earn, it’s how you manage it” rang true with our low income. The guidance provided from Megan allowed us to achieve our financial goals whilst on minimum wage. We never worry about funds or bills anymore, and our cars are running like a dream. We really appreciate all the extra help you give to us and our family members that you look after too. We just want you to know you are awesome and we couldn’t do without you.”

ZH and GT

Students, Brisbane

“Before FIFO, my finances were like a jigsaw puzzle with accounts, bills and payments completely unorganised. Pouring both dreams and passion into a future and then not being able to see the woods for the trees felt daunting and unmanageable. Initially, I felt out of control handing over my finances but it wasn’t long before I realised that I didn’t know how I had coped previously without Megan! The changes were almost immediate and I was able to drop my shoulders, knowing that I had the best in the business looking after me. The service that Megan provided was both professional and skilled and so very easy to communicate with by text or email with prompt responses every time. Since joining FIFO, my life has improved dramatically. I was able to hold onto my mortgage, buy a new car and have had several overseas holidays. This has provided me with peace of mind and a has become stress free. All of the bills have been paid on time, with my budget organised and I’m always in control of my spending funds. I can’t recommend Megan highly enough! The personal service, with a very special and amazing woman, who is capable of getting to the very heart of what is needed to firstly survive and then to thrive. Thank you Megan – you truly are superwoman!”


Happy Camper, Bribie Island