Worker on rig

Who we help

FIFO Management is designed specifically to help those who work away from home to achieve financial stability, clarity and targets. While there are other financial / budget managers out there, no others in Australia (that we are aware of) truly specialise in, understand and cater for the unique requirements of people working away from home like FIFO Management do. Whether you fly-in fly-out, drive-in drive-out, cruise-in cruise-out or any other scenario where you're on long shifts away from home, FIFO Management is for people just like you.

Here are just some of the kinds of industry workers commonly helped by FIFO Management:

  • Fly-In Fly-Out
  • Mining
  • Mining Construction
  • Oil Rig
  • Maritime
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Airforce
  • Defence Force
  • Sea Faring
  • Pilots
  • Aviation
  • Many others

The types of people who FIFO Management help are by no means limited to the above list. Our system can work for people in all types of work and life scenarios who want to manage their funds better to achieve a better tomorrow.

What ever your industry or scenario, talk to FIFO Management today and get your finances on the right track.