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How FIFO Works



The FIFO Management system gives you much more than just budgeting. It is specifically designed to work with the unique lifestyles of people who work away from home for long periods, yet flexible and tailored to the needs of each client's unique circumstances and requirements.

A brief overview of the steps you would encounter with FIFO Management are as follows:

1: Review your circumstances & Set goals

One of our friendly team will talk with you one-on-one about your circumstances. Whether you're in a strong financial position and looking to reach a new target, or your finances are in disarray and you need to make changes to keep your head above water, we help people like you every day and have solutions to get you on track to a brighter financial future. The second part of the review is to understand and establish your goals. These vary drastically from person to person, so once we know how far you want to go, we can create a plan with a realistic timeframe to actually achieve it.

2: We create a plan (& we implement it for you)

We don't give you a plan that's all good in theory and then leave you to implement it yourself. At FIFO Management, we plan what you need to do in order to meet your targets and we implement it for you wherever possible. We understand how difficult it can be to do it yourself while you're working away... so we do it for you.

3: We Pay your bills

All of your bills get redirected to FIFO Management, so we receive them and pay them on your behalf whether you're away working or home on R&R. You can relax knowing that you'll never get a late fee and never have to remember to pay a bill on time because it will already be done. The majority of people dislike paying bills and most FIFO's get hit with a mountain of late fees while working away, so this saves you both stress and money.

4: We plug the holes where funds are being mismanaged
or wasted

Most people have leaks in their finances but until you identify them and address them it will take you longer to meet your targets. Sometimes the culprit is overpriced credit cards, unnecessary bills or non rewarding investments which need to be addressed. Other times it is sheer overspending and failing to save for the future which are the bigger problem. In all cases, a realistic budget for yourself / partner / family is allocated which will allow you to live comfortably and still stay on target to meet your goals. Remember... this will all benefit you in the long run!

5: We provide clear Reports on your Financial World

Your busy life becomes so much easier when all you have to do is review one regular report (you choose the frequency), to see a snapshot of your financial world. In a matter of minutes you can review a range of things such as:

  • All bank balances
  • All bills paid
  • All scheduled bills / expenses
  • All allocated funds
  • Loan balances
  • Savings levels
  • Any irregularities which affect meeting your targets
  • More

6: The Day you Meet your target

If you stay on course with your plan you WILL meet your target in the timeframes we originally set. This is the day when all your hard work pays off. Start talking to us today about your circumstances and you will be able to realistically pencil this day in your calendar.


While handing over such a personal and fundamental part of your living may initially seem daunting, the result is that you will immediately gain greater control over your life and financial future, no longer burdened with the meticulous details, often difficult and time-consuming tasks of managing your finances and budget. At FIFO Management, we are entirely responsible and accountable to you alone.  You will maintain full control on what you want to achieve through our services and you will be kept fully informed along the way.


A common misconception is that appointing a personal money manager is an indulgence only suited to high income earners or individuals who struggle to meet financial commitments. This is untrue. On the contrary, at FIFO Management we find that our system works with anyone who has a regular income and is genuinely committed to securing a financially sustainable future to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals - results are evident immediately and goals kick in swiftly. 

Our fee structure is simple and full transparency is provided for your consideration in our Services Agreement prior to any commencement of our services. There is no big upfront fee for preparation and set-up, and the small weekly fee for service takes care of the ongoing tasks and activities associated with the daily management of your finances.

Your trust matters most to us and the team at FIFO Management takes the security of your personal and financial information very seriously. We protect this and funds held in trust on your behalf by way of TRUST LAW and the latest banking technology, innovative security specifically designed to give extra protection against the most sophisticated security threats.  This technology has been developed in conjunction with a global leader in online security.


So certain are we that the benefits and results will exceed your expectations, we offer a 3 Month Service Fee Money Back Guarantee!

10: where to next?

If you are interested in finding out more about what FIFO Management can do for you talk to us today, obligation free, and learn how our complete and customised makeover of your hard-earned money can get your money working for you! 


So what are you waiting for?