Client example

A couple of years ago, my then fiancé and I were having financial problems to the point where it almost caused the breakdown of our relationship. My husband engaged Megan’s services, and she consolidated his debt, took over payment of all my husband’s expenses and started a savings plan. But most importantly, she made it possible for him to pay for our Wedding and our honeymoon.  Our relationship was back on track as we had removed the pressures and stress of having to talk about our finances all the time.  

I was initially hesitant to engage FIFO myself as I honestly thought I was in control of my day to day finances and handing over control to someone else was not something I had even heard of before.  This changed when I found myself without a job and was unemployed for two months. Luckily, thanks to FIFO, my now husband had accumulated enough savings through his FIFO Savings Account, and this helped us tremendously through this time.  All our bills were covered, our spending money was allocated, our future bill money was put aside, and we were always kept informed on the status of how long our savings will last us before I needed to find my new job.  This was amazing just needing to focus on my career and not stressing on money.  At this time, I also realized, maybe I wasn’t in such control of my finances after all and decided on handing this over to FIFO that showed they really cared about our future, how they looked after my husband, which in turn got our relationship back on track.  It has turned out to being the absolute best thing we could have ever done.    

As once my husband and I I consolidated our finances with the help of FIFO to do this, our lives changed dramatically. We were able to purchase our first home and decided to start a family.  FIFO assisted us with putting the savings plan in place to save for our home deposit and then were able to gain our first home by offering us finance options.  They really knew our finances better than anyone so the process went so smoothly.  I was also able to buy a brand new car for the first time in my life. All of this was possible because of Megan and the team at FIFO.  We know we are not just a number here. 

Very recently, my husband was involved in a car accident. Thankfully, he was not seriously  injured and we were so pleased just to already have savings to cover the insurance excesses and the expenses whilst he took some short time off work. The security that those savings bring us, especially at times like that, is priceless and helped my stress levels significantly that day.  Megan at FIFO really taught us the concept of not living week to week and that sometimes life will throw you challenges and how better it is for you to face lifes challengers when you have managed your money well and not living week to week.  She always would say, IT IS NOT WHAT YOU EARN IT IS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.  We had tried all the budgeting apps, spreadsheets  available and still were wondering why are we short of funds.  FIFO were able to show us weekly on our report, exactly what came in, exactly what will come out over the coming week, they managed inflation and deflation of our income and expenses. 

I would, sincerely, recommend FIFO to anyone, including my family and friends, and do so whenever I hear someone mention money issues. What she was done for us, for our marriage and for our lives is nothing short of amazing and we are eternally grateful to her.