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If you want to enjoy long term financial benefits from this year’s hard yards, you need to manage your finances well today! FIFO Management help you to get on (and stay on) the right track.

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I’ve worked in the mines for years, but have little to show for it.


How many sleeps until I can go home for good?


I just want to reach my financial targets sooner?


I don’t have time to manage money, but I have to stop wasting it.

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Easy, convenient & affordable

Everything is done for you by FIFO Management! From paying your bills on time to giving you financial clarity every single week (or at a frequency chosen by you). Your reports show you all payments made, scheduled, income received and money saved... you just need to review it & then enjoy your R&R with peace of mind!

The money that FIFO Management saves you just by avoiding late fees while you're working away, often more than covers the cost of membership, so you could be financially ahead before we even get into the nitty gritty. That's just the tip of the iceberg!



Founded by fly-in fly-out workers who have lived in your shoes.

Having experienced and witnessed firsthand the many challenges faced by FIFO workers, the team at FIFO Management understand the working away from home lifestyle, along with its pros and cons. Long shifts, little time to think about finances and bills falling due, no time to really enjoy R&R or enjoying R&R a bit too much - often blowing huge holes in otherwise impressive pay packets…and so the common money trap cycle began: Make money, mismanage money, repeat… Even those more disciplined weren't truly on track.

At FIFO Management, we’ve helped many people knuckle down and get their money working for them and we can help you too!